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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
16 October 2009 @ 09:01 pm
I made a new journal that I really want to post in, but it's barraged in ads.  How do I cover these banners?
Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
27 October 2008 @ 07:38 pm

I still write with quills

Crash.  Bang.  Something to show the world.  I remember fall last year so crisply.  Crisp air and leaves and my heart too, before it, and I, understood.
Did fall come a month later this year?  Is this symbolic?  Of what I wonder?
I want to have great self confidence...so I can sing and dance horribly in front of other people and not care when their faces squint in humor.  "Whatever" can be my new word.  Not "whatever" to poverty, to strife, to peril...but "whatever" to the faces of adversary.

.I can feel my ancestors calling.

& one more thing...what the fuck, I've come this far and I still wonder why xxx hasn't called me back, written me back, etc.
Is that a female thing?  We have enough curses, I thought!

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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
16 September 2008 @ 12:16 am
I love being young with a heart to share.

Driving in your car with the music up loud makes me forget everything that is poor and lonely.
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
01 September 2008 @ 12:57 am
Saul Williams
Captain Falcon
Horseshoe backpockets
Boys with ironic glasses
Goosebump pillow
Acid wash jeans
Down to earth girls
the cutthroat life of a commission seller
Castle Crashers
SSBB at 3am with complete strangers
Forgetting for a moment
Driving 70 to make curfew
Feathers and insence.

Can you touch me now?

Go on, do your thing.
Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
Listening to teenage music in the middle of night
Yelling "Hummingbirds!  HUMMINGBIRDS!" at teenage idols
Obscure new friends
Vietnam war documentaries in the background while... (I'm not telling!!!11)
Betsy Johnson lingerie
Scream Louder Now
High-waisted school girl skirts (sophisticated)
You are a bad influence, but I don't care
Steve Maddens
Making music with Gameboys
Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
Clapping and jumping up and down
Black/grey smoke kittens named Bobby and Jack
Driving fast with music blaring (a hobby that makes its way to every entry)
I love luxury
What the hell is going on?!?!

Today my outfit was themed with peacocks (shirt and bangle) and butterflies (shoes and earrings).
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
07 July 2008 @ 02:09 am
This quote makes me feel so incredibly happy and safe.

"If you believe you're
a poet, then you're saved

~ Gregory Corso

I like that the blinking text bar turns the color that you're typing in.
My first day was amazing.  I won't let anyone tell me anything different.
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
01 July 2008 @ 11:14 pm
this is mostly fictional

photo by Daniel Jackson, found at foto_decadent
      "Do the charcoal stains ever completely wash away?" she asked, looking over to him from her position by the window.
       He hadn't moved from his current position for hours...awkwardly perched on the three-legged stool, his 6'3" frame hunched before a canvas. Though, when she spoke, he looked up, broken from a dark, dusty trance. He thought for a moment before answering, "Only when you don't want them to."  Pushing back his thick, black frames to position on the bridge of his large nose, he returned to his cartoon like position.
      She was left puzzled by this mysterious answer from this faraway boy with naturally rebellious hair and gawky physique, but indeed as she washed he hands in the artroom sink, no matter with how much soap, her tiny paws remained stained. Black spiderwebs of charcoal sunk deep into the lines of her palms, a constant reminder of what she had yet to do.

I did my hair like the hardcore girl in the current SS08 Guess ads...and looking in the mirror, I say, as Martha would, "It's a Good Thing".

"You look familiar..."

So many beautiful, unique people...my heels pound the floor and my heart pounds harder.
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
29 June 2008 @ 10:37 pm
Against all odds

Inside it twists and turns
taciturn. She anticipates-
Seductively inebriate.
                                   Destroyer of men:
                                   is the fear of opening the window
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
27 June 2008 @ 10:21 pm
I have never had so many awkward encounters, days or moments in my life.  Actually, I've had one amazingly awkward encounter a few seasons ago...but I mean, consecutive awkward encounters. The past two months have been full of them.  I'm starting to get used to the awkward.  (I'm lying)  How can you?  Is this what growing up is like?

My hair has never looked so good
I'm in student council
My sense of direction is becoming stellar in my book
it aches less, but it still aches.  Always will.
I'm going to make sick money and spend it wisely
I'm going to party (?????)

Wall of random:
Organic chocolate syrup
mango lemonade
two middle names
white v-neck t-shirts
Or was that a stupid question?
Sweet Asian man and his daughter
"Little bit"
Bashing white sepremesists (they disgust me)
thank you notes
driving driving driving
eco warriorism
html, blind from it
butterfly cutouts
being a good girl
planning a trip to the Galopagos
THEY DID "IT" IN THERE?  Ew...I watched SPIDERMAN in there.
Martha Stewart craft specials
Games with brother
Halo parties
Wolves befriending humans; still wild
the relief in talking like a girl with a gay guy
My skin calms
I can speak another language now everyone!  Haben sie einen kuss fuer mich?  Oder velliecht nur eine Katze? Drei millionen Katzen sind sehr besser.

"You're eighteen?...woah"

I want to make amends...................
live and breathe
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Elizabeth Cerule J. Magdalenae
11 May 2008 @ 10:29 pm

It must be safe when it's on TV

I raise my hands to heaven of curiosity
I don't know what to ask for
What has it got for me?
The others say we're hiding
It's as forward as can be
Some things I do for money
Some things I do for free

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Current Music: The world sings late at night when all else is asleep